We are a family of four: a Professor of History and Philosophy; an artist who has exhibited her works in major theaters all around Europe (check them out at; a screenwriter; and a cultural heritage management consultant. As you might imagine…creativity, commitment and enthusiasm are vital in everything we do!

When we first saw the property it was love at first sight. Our eyes filled with beauty and relaxation over this stunning view dominating an intimate valley of wholegrain fields, oaks, trulli tops and olive trees.

Our fingertips run over the centuries old rocks of the trullo, partially in ruins – and we had a glimpse of what it could become when renovated. After we bought the trulli and its 11000meters outdoors, for fifteen years we kept them intactwaiting for the right moment in which we could dedicate all the proper resources, time and energy to make this beautiful gem shine again.

Then, finally, after two years spent working with craftsmen and art conservators, searching for unique traditional pieces in local antiquity boutiques, and personally designing and taking care of every detail, the Trulli were reborn. And now…we added a magnificent outdoor pool, to complete the magic.

We called it Trulli of Stars because by night they shine even brighter – and because we are sure they hold a sparkle of magic!

We have been spending all of our holidays in this area for 30 years and it still hasn’t ceased to daily fascinate and surprise us! …We will be more than glad to share our love for this UNESCO World Heritage cradle with our guests – to make their Apulian experience truly unforgettable!